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The future of play – A child’s experiences of the virtual world

We’re proud to announce a research of our partner Olli Kamunen has just released on Tutkittua Varhaiskasvatuksesta (Researched on early childhood education)

Future of play-research on the Children’s Agency in the Virtual World – Kamunen Master’s research University of Jyväskylä’s, which observed the child’s involvement, interaction and experiences in a new digital play environment.
The aim of the study is to understand what opportunities digital play and the virtual world offer for early childhood education, and how a child experiences them. The master’s thesis was carried out in kindergarten in the summer of 2021 as part of the Digipuu and Future Researchers project in the city of Kauniainen. The project has been funded by the National Board of Education and aims to develop a children’s digital competence pathway in early childhood education. The aim of the project is also to find new ideas for digital education, as well as to collect new researched information on the topic.

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