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The Woodland VR Game

The Woodland  is a virtual game, a childhood world located above the cloud where children are freely do whatever they want, solve puzzle games, explore the woodland world and make friends.

The game encourages curiosity with joyful mini-games, allows them to connect with neighbour friends, provides the opportunity to practice and sharpen key skills including social, emotional and cognitive. Children are constantly learning through play, making new friends, sharing and interacting with other children.

Players can enjoy the game in break time at school with friends or play at home with family.

We’re developing an unique approach, allows kids to attempt different approaches. Learning through Play, solve problems and achieve certain goals, encourage curiosity and inspire creativity all in a safe environment.

The development of the project was supported by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund. The project expected to be released in summer 2022.

The Woodland is a 3D game supports Windows PC and Oculus Quest VR where players can explore mini-games through different virtual books. Children can manage their own avatars, houses, create and share mini-games with others. By solving mini-games, players try to archive acorns and flags, to upgrade their house or purchase tools or toys.

As metaverse, the game takes the player to visit different simulated and colorful locations. Through books they are represented as approximations of real missions to engage learning motivation and life skills development.

PlatformWindows PC/VR/Mobile
Project name

Color The Minds VR playground (The Woodland)