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color the minds We provide 3D interactive solutions to inspire people and innovative approach, method and procedure. We make complex information more understandable. Contact Now  Solutions for business Jump into the World VR – filled with lots of learning and fun! You can enjoy plenty of interactive elements and activities, all in a safe environment. Contact Now  Play and Learn Our products based on Finland curriculum, a Finnish brand, curriculum qualification that we want to share to the world wide. Contact Now  Design in Finland

About Us

At Color The Minds, we want to build games containing education values, safety, equal and joyful world where players can learn through play, to make sense of the world around them, to create stories and memories.

We combine immersive technologies and inspire pedagogic content for the best experience learning results and improving academic performance. Through technology we can learn, grow, play, and understand more about ourselves and others.


Play and learn with fun educational world encourage curiosity and inspire creativity by attractive stories.
Being immersed in what you’re learning motivates you to fully understand it.

Our Solutions

What we do

We develop innovative apps, serious games and educational games for customers in all industries, from start-ups to international corporations.

We offer programming and design from a single source. In addition, we use gamification as well as augmented reality and virtual reality to develop impressive products that are fun.


We provide solutions for business, allowing individuals and professionals freedom to explore the projects.

We develop apps for mobiles devices on Android/iOS. We offer the time and cost saving option of developing cross-platform apps. On request, we also offer the app developed for you in the app stores.

Learning through Play

We develop serious games. Whether it’s an educational game, a training app for your company or a leisure game.

We collaborate with top head experts to develop unique approaches to teaching that allows users to solve problems, achieve certain goals, encourage curiosity and inspire creativity all in a safe environment.



We offer end-to-end solutions covering all aspects.

We involve in your project from a rough idea, creative design, building prototype, implement innovative technology and delivery, brand identity, website design.

In a nutshell, we turn your idea into reality.

Let's meet our Colors

Color The Minds has expertise in the ICT, game development & educational.

Timon Bui


Olli Kamunen

Pedagogical Expert

Philip Le




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