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color the minds We provide 3D interactive solutions to inspire people and innovative approach, method and procedure. We make complex information more understandable. Contact Now  Solutions for business Jump into the World VR – filled with lots of learning and fun! You can enjoy plenty of interactive elements and activities, all in a safe environment. Contact Now  Play and Learn Our products based on Finland curriculum, a Finnish brand, curriculum qualification that we want to share to the world wide. Contact Now  Design in Finland

About Us

Color The Minds is a software development company with a significant background in providing solutions for business demands

We combine immersive technologies and inspire training content for the best experience learning results and improving academic performance. Through technology we can learn, grow, play, and understand more about ourselves and others.


Play and learn with fun educational world encourage curiosity and inspire creativity by attractive stories.

Our Solutions

What we do

We offer modern, reliable, and best solutions that would satisfy the needs and facilitate the development of your business.

IT Consulting

Design and optimize unique IT architectures within the framework of enterprise solution requirements, modern custom software developments, and sustainable digital solutions.

Brand Identity

We made up of what your brand says, what your values are, how you communicate your product, and what you want people to feel when they interact with your company.

Brand identity includes your company’s name, logo, and design; its style and the tone of its copy; the look and composition of its products; and, of course, its social media presence.


We develop applications for cross-platform with reasonable price and high quality. By combining tech expertise and creativity, our programmers can craft a custom application that will help your business develop.

Let's meet our Colors

Color The Minds has expertise in the ICT, game development & educational.

Timon Bui


Olli Kamunen

Pedagogical Expert

Philip Le




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