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Color The Minds is a member of Finland-South East Asia Business Association (FSATA )

We are happy to join the FSATA organization. Link

The countries of Southeast Asia have a population of more than 600 million and are the fastest growing economic area in the world. The Finland-Southeast Asia Trade Association covers all the countries of Southeast Asia, each of which in itself is an interesting market area and an attractive business partner.

The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the smaller countries in the region are also a very interesting mix of cultural and natural resources and conditions, so the trade association offers a window into a diverse operating environment. In our operations, we strive to provide members with the opportunity to maintain their knowledge of the entire economic area as well as the current or otherwise interesting target country.

The Trade Association was established in 1993 and its purpose is to develop relations between Finland and Southeast Asia in the fields of trade, industry and other economic activities and to promote trade, both in terms of exports and imports, and economic co-operation, including investment.

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